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Financial Management
        Men, Money, Machines, Materials and Market are the vital tools of Management to run an organization in a proper manner. In an organization like ours, money is the center axle around which all organs revolve. Since procurement of foodgrains is one of our major activities, funds are required in huge quantum first for its procurement, then for maintenance of its health till stocks are moved out to the FCI. Against its Authorised Capital of Rs.5.00 Crores, the State Government has invested Rs. 3.73 Crores as Paid-up Capital. It is wonder of the wonders that with a meager amount of Rs.3.73 Crores, PUNSUP has been successfully carrying out the business activities to the tune of about Rs.5000 Crores annually besides providing direct employment to the extent of 2100 people. Under these circumstances, whole of the business is carried out by availing Loans & Cash Credit Limits from commercial banks, for which huge part of its earning in the shape of Interest is out flown. Despite the fact that the entire business activities are carried out with the borrowed funds, PUNSUP has successfully created fixed assets to the extent of Rs.2868.53 Lac as on 31-03-2010. Further, it has been earning substantial profits by making saving in its day to day expenditure as well in the interest burden which is evident from its Annual Accounts for the year ending as at 31-03-2010,

       It is worth-mentioning here that PUNSUP is one of the few food-grains companies, not only in the State of Punjab but at national level, whose Annual Accounts (Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet ) are being compiled, audited and finalised within the given time under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956.
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